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Case Management Redesign

Case Management Agency Director NamedFebruary 20, 2024


Case Management Agency Director Named 
Welcome Tim Young

To come into compliance with Case Management Redesign, a new Case Management Agency (CMA) has been established within Jefferson County Human Services (JCHS), whereby case management, quality assurance and family support services provided by DDRC, will transition by July 1 to the new CMA.   

JCHS announced the hiring of Tim Young to be the new CMA Director, and he began his new role in mid-February. Tim is a member of the JCHS executive leadership team, has been a leader within the Jefferson County Children, Youth, Family, and Adult Protection division, and also is the manager of Jefferson County’s Adult Protection teams. 

DDRC looks forward to working with Tim and JCHS to help ensure a smooth transition for individuals, families and staff during this change. 

Read more about the new CMS on the JCHS website

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