Our Mission: Create Opportunities for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their Families to Participate Fully in the Community
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Code of Ethics

The DDRC family is a diverse group of individuals who share a common passion for helping others. We are driven not only by this passion, but also by our Code of Ethics and the fundamental values of DDRC. Quality, dignity and choice are ingrained not just in our organization, but inform and strengthen our culture. As individuals, and as a group, we strive to:

  • Operate in a manner that upholds DDRC’s integrity, promotes its mission, adheres to bylaws, and merits the trust and support of the public.
  • Treat all people with dignity and respect.
  • Safeguard public confidence by being honest, fair, truthful, loyal, caring and respectful in our actions and as we provide quality services.
  • Encourage communities to accept individuals with developmental disabilities through personal interaction, participation in community affairs, and by acting as concerned and responsible neighbors.
  • Present a progressive image to the public by respecting and assisting individuals with developmental disabilities with the respect and dignity we give other people.
  • Promote principles of self-determination and value choices made by the individuals we serve and their families.
    • Assist individuals with disabilities and their families in realizing their goals.
    • Provide individuals and families with supports that enable them to obtain a heightened quality of life.
    • Keep individuals’ and families’ best interests as our highest priority.
  • Promote honest and forthright communication.
  • Provide and promote conscientious customer services.
  • Avoid discrimination. DDRC is an equal opportunity employer and committed to the principle of diversity.
  • Preserve confidentiality to ensure that all information, which is privileged, confidential or nonpublic, is disclosed only appropriately.
    • Avoid discussing confidential matters outside of DDRC.
    • Exchange of sensitive information regarding individuals and their families will be done in a respectful manner.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest by:
    • Avoiding any relationship or influence with vendors, contractors, people with intellectual/developmental disabilities, their families or guardians that might create an environment of favoritism or otherwise impair our ability to make fair and credible decisions in the workplace.
    • Declining all monetary and tangible gifts, regardless of value or form (check, gift card, fruit basket, etc.) from vendors and contractors.
    • Declining monetary gifts, regardless of value or form (check, gift cards, etc.) from people with intellectual/developmental disabilities, their families or guardians.
    • Declining tangible gifts with a value greater than $5.00 from people with intellectual/developmental disabilities, their families or guardians.
    • Not seeking or accepting loans from people with intellectual/developmental disabilities, their families or guardians.
    • Fully disclosing all facts in situations where we are aware of a possible conflict of interest.
  • Practice accountability by conducting business with high professional standards. DDRC is responsible to its stakeholders, donors, and others who have placed faith in us.
    • Use DDRC resources in accord with the intentions of funders.
    • Establish and maintain strong fiscal and management controls.
    • Provide a fair resource allocation process to access funding for services.
    • When working with associated agencies, provide support, technical assistance, and encourage growth in keeping with high standards of the industry while allowing latitude and creativity in managing independent affairs.
    • Practice fundraising activities that are consistent with DDRC’s mission, compatible with organizational capacity and respectful of donors’ interests.
  • Understand and respect applicable laws, rules and regulations, going beyond the letter of the law to protect and/or enhance DDRC’s ability to accomplish its mission.
    • Maintain a dialogue with regulatory agencies on the application and interpretation of existing laws.
    • Advocate for changes in policies that are not in the best interest of the people we serve.
    • Provide stakeholders with information on the rights of people with developmental disabilities, an administrative means for dissent and grievances, assurance of due process, and safeguards against reprisal.
  • Strive for personal and professional growth to improve effectiveness and provide balance in life in an environment of learning.
    • Promote flexibility for employees while maintaining the integrity of the organization.
  • Consider carefully the public perception of my personal and professional actions, and the effect my actions could have, both positively and negatively, on DDRC’s reputation in the community and elsewhere.
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