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Spotlight Stories

Spotlight Stories

Stories spotlighting our Donors and how their contributions enrich the lives of people!

Lynns Story
Lynn's Story

Lynn's Story

While there are many great ways to give back to DDRC every winter, Lynn Fiedorowiz found a way that includes a few close friends, holiday treats, and a signature White Cranberry Martini.

Every winter, DDRC hosts our traditional Holiday Gift Card Drive, where $25 gift cards are collected with help from the community and then given to program participants in significant need during the holiday season. Each year, we hear from our program participants how much these gift cards make them feel valued and that they love that this gift gives them a sense of independence by giving them the power to choose how to use it.

Lynn got involved with this Holiday Gift Card Drive ten years ago by hosting a party at her house and asking her guests to bring a gift card to support the campaign.

"We have had this party for at least 10 years and invite close friends and neighbors to join us," Lynn explained. "We provide drinks and ask that everyone bring an appetizer to share and a gift card for the drive." The group always creates a signature cocktail. This year's signature drink is A Winter White Cranberry Martini.

"Christmas is the season of giving, and this is an easy means to give to a cause that our friends are familiar with in knowing our son Jaime," she shared. "It has become a holiday tradition, and it is good to know that a relatively small donation can make a difference in someone's life."

This year, Lynn has raised over $1,250 in gift cards! More than 50 individuals will receive a special gift thanks to her and her generous friends and neighbors.

It fills us with joy each winter to hear the excitement in Lynn's voice when she calls to confirm that she is hosting her party once again. We know that she doesn't want to be the only one getting joy from supporting DDRC in such a fun way, so we asked her what her advice would be for someone interested in hosting a give-back party for DDRC, "We would tell them to make it fun, low pressure, include donation request in the party invitation, make the party personal."

We are always inspired by the unique ways that individuals give back to DDRC. Lynn, her close neighbors, and close friends truly make a difference each year - and you can, too. Check out other ways to get involved at: ddrcco.com/ways-to-give.

Tim's Story
Tim's Story

Tim's Story

Tim Hulstrom's connection as a supporter at DDRC dates back to his parents Joan and Robert, who were vital supporters beginning in the 1960s. "Over the years, our family members, including myself, have actively participated in volunteering and supporting DDRC's Therapeutic Recreation Program," Tim explained.

"Our involvement with individuals with intellectual disabilities began in 1965 when Joan Hulstrom initially worked in the industry. The connection deepened in the 1980s with more family members including Terri Hulstrom, my niece Kelly Hulstrom, and my wife Michelle Hulstrom, who worked for DDRC as a direct care provider when our children were young," he added.

Keeping the family's tradition of giving, Tim encouraged his children Denise, Shannon, and Robert to get involved throughout the DDRC Recreation Program as volunteers and Unified Partners on various sports teams, including participating in the Special Olympics Colorado. "They were even part of the National Team in 2014 that traveled to New Jersey to compete in softball. Since then, my daughters have begun working in this industry, and my son still participates in numerous sports as a Unified Partner. My wife, being the team mom, always shows up and cheers louder than the rest," Tim shares.

"DDRC is an integral part of our family and has provided countless opportunities and memories," he added.

Beyond his family's longtime involvement, Tim annually donated a set of Bronco Tickets for program participants to attend a game. "We donate Broncos tickets to DDRC as a way to spread joy and provide athletes with opportunities they might not always have. Their enthusiasm at the games is truly inspiring, and I can promise you that on that day, the DDRC athletes are the biggest and purest fans in that stadium," Tim remarked.

"The inspiration to continue giving in this way comes from the athletes themselves," Tim added. "Seeing their passion and the happiness derived from these experiences reinforces our commitment to supporting DDRC's Therapeutic Recreation Program."

When asked what he would share with others interested in donating tickets to program participants, Tim said, "I would encourage them to consider the profound impact that experiential gifts can have on individuals, especially those involved in sports or recreational activities."

"The joy and sense of inclusion these experiences bring are invaluable, making it a meaningful way to contribute to the community," he concluded.

If you are interested in donating tickets to a game or experience, please contact Ashley Lee at Ashley.brooks@ddrcco.com.


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