Our Mission: Create Opportunities for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their Families to Participate Fully in the Community

Behavioral Health Team

DDRC Behavioral Health Team provides behavioral health support to individuals of all ages who have been determined eligible for DDRC services and reside in Jefferson County.

Individuals who request services are evaluated to determine what behavioral health intervention would be most beneficial. Services offered include behavioral and/or psychiatric assessment and interventions, medical and medication review, care coordination, and training for providers, staff and families. Additionally, the DDRC Behavioral Health Team collaborates with other community agencies in the treatment of individuals with developmental disabilities who experience behavioral health and/or mental health issues.

Individuals who may meet the "Medicaid Covered Diagnosis Criteria" for mental illness are referred to Jefferson Center for Mental Health or the mental health provider in their community.

If you are interested in a referral to the Behavioral Health Services Team, please contact your Resource Coordinator.

The Behavioral Health Team is supported largely by Jefferson County mill levy funds and access to those funds requires Jefferson County residency. Individuals who have Medicaid waiver funds or other funding sources may also receive behavioral health services without being a Jefferson County resident.

Page Last Updated: 2017-09-27