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Vaccine Clinics Update - Consents and AccessDecember 21, 2020


Vaccine Clinics Update on Consents and  Access 

Timely action needed.

Attention, Group Home residents, parents/guardians/legal representatives and other stakeholders, as well as DDRC employees working in Group homes, please read this important information about vaccines and required consent forms.

DDRC has received additional information regarding the vaccine clinics and have much work to do to coordinate our efforts Walgreens, our pharmacy partner.  

Timely Action is needed to complete consent forms so that DDRC can let the pharmacy know how many does to bring.  Consent / consent forms should be completed as soon as possible and DDRC Employees should let their supervisor know if they plan to receive the vaccine or not by Wednesday, December 23, 2020.

DDRC will work with guardians and legal representatives of group home residents to either consent to or decline the vaccine.  

Information about the vaccine and consent forms are linked here:

 Who is eligible for vaccines? 

All group home residents and any employee working in group homes or needing routine access to group homes will be offered the vaccine. In addition to QLO/GRSS employees at each home, this includes AVS staff providing day services at group homes or providing coverage for open group home shifts, Recreation staff providing supports in group homes, QLO/GRSS Program Mangers, QLO LPNs, and Maintenance staff. 

If you are an eligible staff member and you have specific questions regarding where and when you will receive your vaccine, contact your direct supervisor, or the Program Manager for the location you are assigned. 

 What do Residents, Guardians, and staff need to do? 

Every vaccine recipient must provide a consent form for each of the two doses you will receive: two doses, two consent forms. This form is called the “Vaccination Administration Record.”

When and where will clinics be held? 

We do not have an exact date yet but anticipate clinics will be held in 2-3 weeks (late December- mid-January).  

The clinics will be held at each group home

Staff: Each staff member will be assigned to a location based on their primary work assignment or surveillance testing assignment. Thus, if an employee is participating in the surveillance testing and does not have a primary group home assignment, then they will receive your vaccine at the same house they do their testing.  

If you are not a group home employee, but are an employee when might you get the  vaccine? 

Other health care workers are included in Phase 1B of Colorado’s vaccine distribution, but we do not know when or how those vaccines will take place. We will provide updated information as we receive it.  

For general questions about vaccines for DDRC staff or group home residents, contact Kristie Braaten/ DDRC  (303) 462-6506