Our Mission: Create Opportunities for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their Families to Participate Fully in the Community
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Living up to their credo of "Elks Care and Elks Share"July 20, 2019

For an astounding 20 plus years the Empire Elks Lodge #1493 and Elks Galaxy Temple Lodge #1131 have been putting into action the Elks credo, “Elks Care and Elks Share,” to benefit the individuals who DDRC serves. We have been grateful and happy for that caring and sharing as the two lodges teamed up year after year to host a summer BBQ and winter holiday lunch at the DDRC Walters Center. In fact, Lodge 1493 and 1131 began their good-will endeavors for those with IDD years earlier, when they were involved with the Wheat Ridge Regional Facility more than 25 years ago.

On Saturday, July 20, fifteen Elks members from the two lodges came together with their leaders, James Efferson and Laura Smith to bring a generous BBQ lunch spread, prepared with a tasty home-cooked flavor. About 45 individuals receiving services with DDRC came to enjoy the TLC/Recreation event made possible by the Elks, with help from DDRC staff.  When asked what they thought of the Elks and the lunch, the response from individuals was wide smiles, thumbs up and  comments of “so nice, thank you!”

The Empire Elks Lodge #1493 and Elks Galaxy Temple Lodge #1131 are currently centered in Aurora, which makes their trek to DDRC in Arvada, with food, drink, tableware and more, all that more notable and appreciated. Thank you, James Efferson, Laura Smith and the team of wonderful Elks members who gave their time and effort to make this happen for DDRC!! And  thank you for your other efforts in the community to help youth and elderly though your similarly generous activities. For more about the Elks see http://www.coloradoelks.org/