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The Weiland Center Fundraiser

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King Soopers Reloadable Gift Card Program

The more you use your card, the greater the donation to The Weiland Center!

Buy groceries, gas (at King Soopers or Loaf ‘n Jug), pharmacy items — even Starbucks coffee…and easily raise money for The Weiland Center to enhance the enrichment activities of all Weiland participants, such as community outings and special events.

How It Works

  1. Purchase a King Soopers card from Melanie White via request by e-mail or by calling 720-544-8189. Cards are $5 to purchase, which is pre-loaded on the card you will receive.

    Email Malanie to Request a Card

  2. Visit any King Soopers store (or Kroger or City Market), and as a separate transaction from your grocery purchases, load the desired amount (from $1 up to $500) onto your card. Your card may be reloaded multiple times. Reloading cards must be completed with your cashier or at customer service at the store — reloading online is not available.
  3. Then, use your card to pay for your groceries. Your remaining balance will be printed on your receipt. You can also obtain your balance by asking a cashier, visiting or calling 866.822.6252.
  4. 5% of every dollar you reload onto your card will go toward The Weiland Center.
A King Soopers Gift Card, with a colorful medely of Fruits on the Front

Frequently Asked Questions

Service charges or penalties?

No extra charges, no sign-up fees, no penalties.

Do the reloadable gift cards expire?

The card will only expire if the balance on the card is $0 for 90 continuous days. If this happens, contact Melanie White, The Weiland Center Site Coordinator to buy a new card.

What happens if a reloadable King Soopers gift card is lost or is accidentally thrown away?

Each reloadable King Soopers card comes with an ID number on the back that keeps track of your balance (you should record your card’s ID number). If your card is lost, your money isn’t gone (provided someone didn’t find the card and use it immediately). The balance can be retrieved using the ID number, your old card is retired, and a new card is issued with your old balance.

What about King Soopers reloadable gift cards purchased at the store?

The Weiland Center can only earn credit from King Soopers from the reloadable gift cards purchased and registered through The Weiland Center.

What can be purchased with King Soopers reloadable gift cards?

Any merchandise in King Soopers — including gas (at both King Soopers and Loaf ‘n Jug stations), pharmacy purchases and Starbucks — or its affiliated stores except: Western Union, Ticketmaster, money orders, stamps, lottery tickets and other gift cards.

Additional Questions?

Contact Melanie White, The Weiland Center Site Coordinator at 720.544.8189 or

Helpful Hints

  1. Be sure to put your card at the front of your wallet as a reminder to be loaded and used the next time you’re at King Soopers.
  2. Ask your cashier to reload your card prior to scanning your groceries to access the funds immediately.

Page Last Updated: 2018-03-21