Our Mission: Create Opportunities for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their Families to Participate Fully in the Community

Impact Circle

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Planned Giving

You have come to know DDRC or the Developmental Disabilities Resource Center through the opportunities we create for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families to participate fully in the community.

DDRC has been in your community, serving individuals and their families since 1964.

Many champions like you have helped DDRC grow by donating to meet current and future needs.

You Can Continue to Make an Impact

Consider creating a planned gift and establishing your enduring legacy through a gift of your assets... not just from your current income.

DDRC offers flexible options for a variety of circumstances, and each has distinct financial benefits for both DDRC and your family.

Impact Lives With Your Estate Plans... Become a Champion in the DDRC Impact Circle

Why Plan?

  • More than half of Americans pass away without a will or other direction from family members.
  • An estate includes any possessions — it doesn’t have to be large.
  • Estate planning is simply deciding in advance where resources will go.
  • Leaving your wishes is not difficult.
  • You can benefit family members and DDRC too.
  • A gift to DDRC does not have to be large to make a real difference.


DDRC's Impact Circle is an exclusive group of true champions who have included DDRC in their will or future plans.

We would like to recognize you as a Champion in the DDRC Impact Circle. While you may remain anonymous, we are pleased to recognize the benefactors who impact DDRC’s future.

We would also like to thank you and make sure we understand how you would like your gift to be directed in the future so please let us know of your planned gifts.

Get started today leaving a legacy gift to DDRC by returning the request for more information or by contacting Development at 720-547-7370 or development@ddrcco.com.

Development and Gift Planning

Developmental Disabilities Resource Center 11177 W. Eighth Ave., Lakewood, CO 8 0215 720-547-7370 development@ddrcco.com DDRC TAX ID #84-6035455

This information is not intended as legal or tax advice.

The Developmental Disabilities Resource Center does not provide individual legal, tax or financial advice. For such information, we urge you to seek the advice of your own attorney, tax ad visor or financial professional in connection with gift and future planning matters.

Will or Living Trust

When you write your will or a living trust you can easily help DDRC continue our work by including a gift called a bequest. You can note an amount of money, a percentage of your estate, real estate, tangible personal property, appreciated securities, and/or closely held stock.

Special Needs Trust

Developing a special needs trust can help a loved one enjoy a more fulfilling life. After the beneficiary passes, DDRC can be named as the successor.


Official Bequest Language: "I, [name], of [city, state, ZIP], give, devise and Developmental Disabilities Resource Center, 11177 West Eighth Ave., Lakewood, CO 80215 (a) the sum of $___________ (a specific amount), or (b) ______% (a percentage) of my estate to be used (a) for the benefit of the Developmental Disabilities Resource Center as DDRC may determine or (b) for the purpose(s) of _________________________________ or if such use, in the judgment of DDRC is or shall become impracticable or unwise, then for such purpose(s) as DDRC shall determine.. Our Tax Identification Number is 84-6035455.

To Write a Will or Trust

a. Collect information

b. Contact a lawyer skilled in Medicaid issues. Call 720-547-7370 for a list of attorneys.

c. Meet with the attorney and consider naming DDRC as a beneficiary of a bequest.

d. Complete and sign your documents.

e. If a Special Needs Trust is included, have it reviewed by Colorado’s Medicaid office.


Beneficiary Designation

Insurance policies, bank accounts, retirement plans, pensions and other accounts have beneficiary designations. You can name family members as the beneficiaries and also give a portion to DDRC. This is easy and flexible… you can review and change beneficiary designations anytime you wish. An added benefit is that retirement plan assets can pass to a charity without being taxed.

To Change a Beneficiary Designation

a. Contact your retirement plan administrator, insurance company, bank or financial institution for a change-of-beneficiary form.

b. Decide what amount you would like DDRC to receive and name us on the beneficiary form.

c. Return the completed form to your plan administrator, insurance company, bank or financial institution.


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