Our Mission: Create Opportunities for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their Families to Participate Fully in the Community

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Training

Intro to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in the Home and Community

This training is offered every 2 months and has been held virtually during the pandemic. This training will provide a better understanding as to the process of how human behavior is created, maintained, and improved. The training should help staff, caregivers, and family make a quick decision for possible behavior motivation. The training will also provide added understanding to the behavioral principles already outlined in behavior plans. After the training, attendees will be able to identify key elements needed to improve behavioral supports and provide a more rounded behavioral support themselves. Attendees will also have a better ability to interpret and implement behavior plans created for the individual they support.

Target Audience

This training will be best suited for parents or caregivers in the community that are waiting to receive behavioral supports, need minimal behavioral supports, or want to learn more about ABA. Attendees could include: parents, caregivers, residential staff, day program staff, teachers, respite providers.

Please contact Zach Maple, Behavioral Health Team Manager, for more information or to register at 303-462-6503 or zachary.maple@ddrcco.com.

Page Last Updated: 2017-09-27